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Cooper Environmental Services specializes in Atlanta mold inspection, air quality testing, consultation, and analysis of residential and commercial properties. The mold testing and mold inspection services we provide are used by individuals who know or believe they may have a mold problem. All Cooper Environmental Services mold Inspectors are certified through the IICRC, the industry leader for certification for the mold testing and inspection industry.In addition to the traditional methods used during mold inspections, our toolbox also includes a thermal imaging camera. Thermal imaging provides our team with a non-invasive method of locating problem areas in both residential and commercial structures. Having been provided with an instant high resolution thermal image, the inspector can identify potential conditions conducive to mold growth in places that cannot typically be reached with a standard moisture meter.Thermal imaging is just another tool used by Jeremy and his team to provide clients with a thorough mold inspection

Our Company Is Reliable, And Our Work Is Trusted. We Provide Worry-Free Service You Can Always Count On. We Have Gathered The Best Staff That Will Do Any Kind Of Repair For You.

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Lisa Ann

As potential home buyers, we were quite concerned when the inspector found substantial mold in the crawl space.  After the seller's remediation, we wanted to be extra sure about the air quality in the home and called Cooper Environmental Services. Cassie fully and clearly explained their services, provided fast turnaround, and gave excellent service throughout the entire process.   We were very pleased with Cooper Environmental Services. 

Abby Stark

It was such a  pleasure working with Cooper Environmental Services when mold was found in our home.  They were on time and were able to provide the air test results within 24 hours which was such a convenience.  We will definitely use them again, and highly recommend their air quality testing services to anyone that would need to know what is in the air of their home.

Victor N.

I have been getting help from Cooper Environmental Services for environmental testing services for the past two years and I am very glad to recommend their services. Cooper Environmental Services provided excellent services each time I called for assistance. Their services were available when requested. Their investigation of the environmental conditions were thorough and the reports were accurate and professional. I would rate the services at 5 out of 5 points.

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